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About STEP

Founded in Africa, the body is committed to innovation, research, and capacity developments geared towards advancements in energy and technology and in the intellectual development of its members.


As a professional organization, STEP fosters knowledge sharing, cooperation, career and skills development across science, energy, technology, and engineering disciplines to proffer solutions to benefit mankind.

Its members comprise engineers, scientists/academics, professional researchers, policymakers, doctors, investors, and many others. All members enjoy enormous benefits such as training/certifications in their areas of specialization, monthly energy/technology newsletters, monthly technical sessions, conferences/exhibitions, online webinars, career advisory systems/contacts, annually subsidized international intellectual development tour, and partnership/mentorship platforms

Our Mission

To build a network of professionals in the energy and technology industry that will pilot the next generation of social innovations.

Our Vision

To be at the forefront in leading technical and social innovations that promote sustainable living.


The society was founded by engineers, academics, and scientists who were eager to work together to create better working conditions and make significant contributions to the world.

Our Core Values


Leadership is the proactive guidance of individuals and resources towards a shared vision, fostering innovation, resilience, and sustainability within an energy and technology company's operations and impact.


Dedication to delivering reliable, sustainable energy solutions, prioritizing long-term environmental stewardship and technological advancement, ensuring consistent service and innovation for a better future.


Accountability is the commitment to take responsibility for actions, decisions, and their outcomes within an energy and technology company, fostering trust, reliability, and integrity throughout operations.


Integrity, as a core value for STEP, entails upholding honesty, ethics, and accountability in all actions, fostering trust with stakeholders, and ensuring transparency in operations..


Respect, as a core value for an energy and technology company, entails honoring diverse perspectives, fostering inclusive environments, valuing stakeholders, and prioritizing safety, ethics, and sustainability in all endeavors.


Guiding principle driving our energy and technology company's endeavors, reflecting our commitment to meaningful impact, sustainability, and innovation in shaping a better future for all.


The foundation of integrity and reliability in an energy and technology company, encompassing transparency, accountability, and consistent delivery of promises to stakeholders and customers.


Love, as one of strong core values, entails fostering genuine care, compassion, and respect in all interactions, prioritizing empathy, sustainability, and social responsibility.

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